Spring into Wellness

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

It's not technically here yet, but the promise of spring brings glimmers of hope and healing.

Historically, spring has always been a time of rebirth and renewal - nearly all religious and spiritual traditions celebrate the transition from winter darkness and the "death" of the old to spring's period of opening, blossoming and growth of the new.

Energy medicine naturally aligns with living "seasonally," which means we honor the cyclical rhythm of what nature can teach us.

It will help to assist in the body's detox functions to enable both physical and emotional renewal. These infoceuticals are great for the spring detox:


Polarity: As it's difficult for the human body field to correct distortions and make beneficial changes unless the Polarity field is normalized, the protocol starts with this powerful Infoceutical, which helps to protect and align the field to support change and transformation.  

Source: As a master energizing Infoceutical, Source prepares the body field to maximize energy levels. It also helps to relieve the fatigue associated with detoxification and healing reactions. For both emotional and physical transformation, Source allows energy to be raised and utilized properly. 

ED2 (Imprinter Driver): While winter is about internalization, spring is about expression. ED2 can assist in helping the client radiate out their intentions for change - whether physical or emotional - and bring the confidence to express the self clearly. It is about sending a message, communicating and transmitting wants, needs, and desires to the universe, the self, and others. For clients that feel they aren't allowed to ask for what they want, ED2 is useful in this protocol to help foster clear expression and direct energy toward what is desired, as the old falls away to make room for the new. 

ED6 (Heart Driver): Research into the human body field suggests the heart field matches with emotions. ED6 (Heart Driver) equates in the creative cycle to the emotional reason and motivation for making a journey and the emotional experiences gained from that journey. As part of a spring protocol, this Infoceutical enables the client clarity about their goals and the emotional balance to channel their energy toward the manifestation of their desires. It encourages inward reflection for the purposes of outer, or external, alignment. It  can inspire memories and feelings that have to do with a person's reason for being and living.  ​ Chill: As a client starts to resolve problems of an external or internal nature, Chill can assist in creating the openness to continue the "work" and the mental calm required to process emotional overload. As the changes in seasonal weather patterns can create mental friction, Chill can also assist in relieving insomnia and inducing relaxation. 

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