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Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Do you want to join the growing number of forward thinking, change making wellness seekers? Well, they are doing something different to gain that ever elusive undefined state of wellness that we seek by addressing what is going on in their bodies at a quantum level!

If the “Q” word just made you think “that’s it, I am outta here, just bring me a skinny soy turmeric latte with a hint of organic honey, to go!” – hang in there. If you hated math, science and biology in school and have to pick up the kids from school right now, well this might be just the thing that will help you with those niggley pains you can’t explain, or the anxiety you feel on Monday morning which makes you feel like throwing up on the way to work. Or it might be the sneezing that has you reaching for tissue after tissue at the slightest spring breeze. Or much, much worse things that come to mind.

With all the leaps and bounds we have made in science and technology you would expect that we would be able to say why we get sick and what we need to do about it? So why are we still getting sicker and sicker? Why do we have to deal with all the chronic diseases that inflict us and so many of our loved ones? Why are the cupboards chock full of medicines not helping us? These are simple questions with not so simple answers. But in the end, all we want is control of our bodies, our health and the ability to create a balanced life in a world that is full of challenges and daily stresses.

Many brilliant minds with years of dedicated work have married biology with physics to bring you quantum biology. It’s not some fang-dandled new fad. Neither is it something so way out there that it belongs in a Sci-Fi movie (well actually you may draw parallels if you happen to be a star trek buff!). With many Nobel Prize winners awarded to this branch of science, it certainly has credibility and given us a small chance to answer those pesky questions we ask about our health.

Using in-depth scanning and mapping of your body’s quantum energy fields and offering easy to administer tools, the NES system is a unique one stop shop for root cause energetic healing. In simple terms it detects and corrects energy distortions that manifest as physical symptoms in your body.

It helps you, to help your body, help itself.

Now that is a true act of passing the power baton to you! The NES System makes no claims to cure, diagnose or heal diseases but what it does do is, it shows you where you need to repair your master controls of your energy, it tells you what information corrections you need to make so your cells can heal and function properly , where your body is vulnerable to toxins that damage your bodies every day, where your emotions are have been dumped, forgotten and hidden but still causing you grief.

Because it is not medicine in the way you are used to, don’t under-estimate the power it wields for unlocking your individual health and well being. Many people have taken a deep breathe (thumbs up for that habit!) and had a scan done just to see what it’s all about. And low and behold, the light bulb moment happens. This is the missing piece that we have relegated to the back of the ranks. Well, that piece should be in the forefront of our health. If we return integrity to what governs our health then don’t we have a better chance of catching the culprit before the damage is done? If you have tried everything else but haven’t given energy healing a go, or if you are doing all the healthy things and not getting results then get a NES scan done and have the conversation about what you really need to heal.

In fact, you might actually reap the nutritional benefits of that skinny golden latte you were just about to order! Here’s to your health…energetically!

This article was written by Jinji Dissanayake who is an Accredited NES Practitioner & Wellness Coach, living and practicing in Melbourne. She helps clients from around the world.

If you wish to dive deeper with a question or would like to get a scan, call Simply Bioenergetics on 0439919555 or email:

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